Sports injuries can happen during any type of activity, whether it’s a competitive squash game or during a recreational bike ride. These injuries can happen to anyone old or young of varying levels of athletic background. Whatever demographic you belong into, it can be frustrating to not be able to participate in the activities you enjoy or to be limited in your function during these activities.

With rehabilitation, the goals of therapy will be targeted with a return to activity in mind. A customized exercise plan will be given to you with the goal of increasing your functional abilities. Progressions will be made as your function improves with the thought of a return to activity in mind.

Whether you sprained your ankle or developed tendinitis from overuse, our athletic therapist will develop a program for you to help you back to sport.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is unique about sport therapy?
    • Sports therapy is focused therapy with a return to activity as the end goal. As such treatments and exercises, even early on in your recovery will have a focus on reaching specific targets to build up towards the goal in mind
  • Do you offer taping?
    • Yes, we offer athletic taping and have therapists with extensive experience in taping including K-tape and leukotape.
    • Taping is often good for supporting a joint and can provide a lower level but similar support to a brace. If you enjoy being taped, a brace may be something worth looking into.
  • Is a brace recommended for return to sport?
    • Depending on the nature of the injury, a brace might help support the site of injury. Additionally, a brace may be helpful for you to be more confident in your body as you get back to activity.