A knee brace may be recommended to individuals at any point of recovery ranging from immediately following an acute injury to at the point of full recovery for a return to activity.

Your therapist will conduct an assessment to determine the appropriateness of a brace but some conditions that may benefit from the use of a knee brace include:
• Ligament sprains including medial collateral ligament, anterior cruciate ligament injuries
• Knee osteoarthritis
• Kneecap injuries including patellar tendinitis, subluxation/dislocations
• Meniscus injuries

A primary benefit of a knee brace is to provide additional support to the knee joint. After an injury to the knee joint, there can be a feeling of instability to the joint and surrounding areas. This instability may be due to an injury to the anatomical structures which help to stabilize the joint like the ligaments. It is also possible that pain after an injury acts to inhibit and weaken muscles that stabilize across the knee joint leading to this feeling of instability. In either case, a knee brace may be beneficial to help you feel more supported and stable through your knee joint.

Additionally, another benefit to a knee brace can be to increase the confidence in your knee joint. This is often recommended and helpful for individuals returning to activity or sport for the first time after their injury.

In addition to knee braces, we also provide customized fitting for thumb, wrist, shoulder, hip, back and ankle braces. We provide free consultation to go over what brace would be ideal for your injury or condition.